Meet FiFi

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Who is FiFi?

Fashion editor, stylist and uber shopper FiFi (otherwise known as Fiona Milne) writes The FiFi Report each week.

In the fashion industry for many years, FiFi has been fashion editor at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Instyle and Fashion Director at Elle.
She has styled many celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Elle Macpherson as well as thousands of supermodels around the world in fabulously exotic locations.

And she has also shopped and shopped around the world in all the most fabulously exotic locations.

A truly professional fashionista, FiFi has won many accolades including The Nobel Purchase Prize.
She has worked tirelessly for the under confident and is currently lobbying for shopping to be an Olympic sport.

But wait there’s more !

FiFi has penned a regular weekly column in Domain Home in The Sydney Morning Herald, based on the tongue in cheek shopping exploits of the naughty character FiFi as well as writing a weekly fashion column and restaurant reviews in The Sunday Magazine in the Sunday Telegraph.

FiFi was also chosen to be the face of Westfield presenting several of their Fashion TV commercials ( yes, that was FiFi in the ads!) as well as hosting  many Style Sessions – on stage fashion workshops- at Westfield centres around Australia.

What is the story behind The FiFi Report ?

The FiFi Report originally started ten years ago (Yee gads before blogging was invented!) as an email.

FiFi realised all her friends were feeling daggy, out of touch, and desperate, desperate for any information on shopping and other such important happenings in the world.
She felt so sorry for them, stuck at home or in the office, begging her for all the latest fashion finds, her cheap but chic secrets, and all the best buys.
These were time poor people and they needed help.

She decided she should do something about it.

She sat down and wrote as much as she talked – and shopped- and The FiFi Report was born.

The good news?

FiFi is also a personal shopper at Wesfield Bondi Junction and will have you looking fabulous with a new wardrobe in just hours.

For immediate makeover attention you can email FiFi… .

When she is not shopping FiFi is asleep.