It’s the best Christmas present ! Give a FiFi shopping session! #wardrobedetox

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Love fashion but don’t have time to run like a lunatic in Louboutins to find what you want in the stores?
Love shopping but get panicked by pesky prints and kooky colours?
Love clothes but suddenly find yourself in the foetal position in the fitting room?
Crying because you are not Gwyneth?

If you have NOTHING to wear even though your wardrobe is bursting….

It’s time for a personal style session with FiFi !

All sorts of fabulous things can happen:
I can come to your house and do a wardrobe detox ( Totes amaze!)
And then take you shopping.
Or I can just take you shopping.
You will have an outrageously fabulous wardrobe in just 3 hours.

You will be able to get dressed with your eyes closed.
In five minutes flat.
That’s a promise.
Your days of dagdom are behind you !

Book now. Your life will be easier..In an instant…

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Testimonials from totes amazed FiFi Clients!

Thanks so much Fifi – I had a great time, most productive shopping trip ever!! And now I have CLOTHES!

Hi Fifi, thanks again for a great session on Saturday – so much fun and also LIBERATING!  Wearing one of my great new looks today and several people have commented on how I look – and I feel a decade younger so Hooray for Fifi!

FiFi – you’re the best!

Thank you so much for all your help, I absolutely love all my new things.  It was so exciting when I got home yesterday, unpacking everything and putting it all away – felt like a combination of Christmas and my birthday!  It is definitely going to make getting dressed for work easier and so much more pleasant!  And I can’t tell you how much I adore my new jackets) – heaven!

FIFI I had a brilliant time yesterday and still on a high from the experience!   Got home exhausted but still found the energy to dress up and experiment with my new wardrobe.   I feel much more confident shopping now and very stylish.So THANK YOU

A big thank you to you for your help. I have had so many occasions since we met where I have been able to get ready to go out without having to spare a thought for what I am going to wear. Kids birthday parties, drinks with the girls and my old least favourite “casual Friday” at the office. It’s given me the confidence boost that I needed.

Thank so much for a great day yesterday I had a ball and LOVE my new wardrobe.

It was the best thing I have ever done. Thanks again!

Thanks for shopping FiFI  …Best news ever is I have been inundated with compliments etc after only 3 days of wearing new clothes”

“Your are A gem:  Fifi thank you”

“You are a magician. Thank you for reinventing my wardrobe. Your wardrobe service saved me hundreds before heading off to gay Paris!”

“Thank you FiFi.  I went back to work exhausted.. Love everything I purchased!”

I wanted to thank you for your help with my wardrobe…no that sentence doesn’t express really what I think.
I always leave the house feeling good about myself. You made me look at my choices in a different light and now when I shop I look at floral and think “what are they thinking!” I see someone 20 years younger -wearing all the clothes I used to and I realise how frumpy I could look.

Thanks again for yesterday, so much fun!  So looking forward to slaying them at school drop-off with a nonchalant “Just threw this together”.