FiFi’s Night Before Christmas! #GivetoCharity #Click&Give.

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T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the town,
FiFi was out shopping in a gorgeous Gucci gown,
The wallet was Prada, the Amex was there,
She knew it was time to go shopping for charities and it was time to care…

The shops were all bursting, full of such fabulous things,
And all FiFi could think about was lots of Bling Bling,
but she logged onto Fred hollows and found to her delight
An amazing gift of just $50 to light up a young child’s sight.#bless

She clicked onto Unicef and added to cart,
A pile of the most wonderful Christmas care packages to warm up the heart.
But it was at Care Australia  where she saw the most important must have buy,
Clean water for a family that will simply save lives $56. #pleasegive.

She shopped till she dropped and filled up the Boxster,
Then headed to the Batcave and it was time for a vodka !

She wrapped up her presents then decorated the tree,
And then sent out the best Christmas present : a real live goat from Oxfam actually!
She listened and hummed to Do they Know it’s Christmas still a wonderful C.D.
While she put up some chic Christmas cards, Yes, from Amnesty

It was getting late so she threw down a drink,
And went off to sleep without even a blink,
But suddenly The Batcave was all a clatter,
So she sprang from her Eames chair to see what was the matter,
She looked out the window and who did she see?
All her Christmas’ had come at once, it was George Clooney!

He was dressed in Gucci and snazzy Saint Laurent,
And under his arm a gift card of the cutest kids toys from world V-is-ion* $20
His eyes how they twinkled, his grin how cheeky !
And when he pulled out her present, suddenly FiFi wasn’t sleepy.

She ripped it open, she was shouting with glee,
It’s sooo exciting there’s something for me !
Ahh! Another black Amex it must be a dream,
She can now go non-stop shopping for others in 2018!

So FiFi jumped up and kissed George (mmm what a sight!)
And as she ran off to go shopping, sooo thrilled with delight,
She yelled Happy Christmas to all.
And to all a Goodnight!

To all my lovely readers Merry Christmas and have a safe , happy & healthy 2018
FiFi xxx

*pronounced in French to rhyme with Laurent.