Need a wardrobe detox? Book a FiFi Style Session !

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Love fashion but don’t have time to run like a lunatic in Louboutins to find what you want?
Love shopping but get panicked by pesky prints and kooky colours?
Love clothes but suddenly find yourself in the foetal position in the fitting room?
Crying because you are not Gwyneth?
If you have NOTHING to wear even though your wardrobe is bursting….

It’s time for a personal style session with FiFi !

All sorts of fabulous things can happen:
I can come to your house and do a wardrobe detox ( Totes amaze!)
And then take you shopping.
Or I can just take you shopping.
You will have an outrageously fabulous wardrobe in just 3 hours.

You will be able to get dressed with your eyes closed.
In five minutes flat.
That’s a promise.
Your days of dagdom are behind you !

Book now. Your life will be easier..In an instant…

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PS.  You can steal her style here !