You need these Jeans. #kickflares #H&M.

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You need these jeans.
I’ll tell you why….
They’re kick flares.
But not outrageous wide flares.
They sit on the waist.
But not right up like Harry High pants.
They are frayed.
They come in white. The best white that is thick cotton.
Meaning? They won’t show lumpy cellulite. YAY.
They come in classic denim or faded ‘acid’ wash. #rememberthose?
Which, dear readers is the actual colour I bought .
Because that faded wash looks great in summer with white. And navy.
The best news?
They are $34 from H&M. OMG. Is that legal?
The bad news is that they are not to be found on the H&M site.  soz.
Which means you will have to go instore… and get shopping !

* If you’re like me you might need to get the scissors out and cut them off right above the ankle.
Then throw in washing machine and they will fray naturally.
You’re welcome.

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