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Scott Schuman has spent the last decade capturing street style in the fashion capitals of the world for his blog The Sartorialist, but his third tome – The Sartorialist X- has taken him further afield.

“I really travelled the world to explore what style and beauty means to a host of different cultures,” he told Vogue UK ahead of its publication tomorrow. “I went to Dubai, Kiev, Johannesburg, Morocco, northern India, Peru and the pictures from these faraway places juxtapose so nicely with the more established fashion capitals, as well as places like Bangkok and Mumbai. I find so much inspiration in diversity and in challenging my eye to appreciate unfamiliar colours, patterns and shapes. In this sense, this is the book I’ve been waiting to do.”

The 511-page book is something of a doorstop, full of the type of candid shots that made Schuman a major player and, despite changing where he shoots on the grid, an old haunt will always hold a special place in his heart.

“Italy is my number one inspiration. There’s a level of sophistication and old-world decorum that’s unique and unwavering,” he explained. “Gracefulness and reverence for good manners informs everything they do: the way they dress, the way they set the table, even the handwriting. And this trickles down to the younger generations.  It’s not cool in Italy to have a don’t-give-a-damn attitude which many fashion kids might have. It’s cool to care and be polite. ” Read more at Vogue UK.

$30 The Sartorialist X is published by Penguin Random House Oct 27, 2015.

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