Shop the shoot: Twelve wonderful white pieces #wear now.

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It’s going to be all white !
Oh la la : I love the white shoot of the week – and Lily Aldridge’s outfit – but it’s very summery non?
It’s tricky to pull off those outfits while it’s seriously chilly out there. #Shivering.
So continuing with the clean theme let me present twelve totes fabulous pieces to wear right now. In winter.
FiFi’s Fashion tip?
Mix up all those gorgeous colours. Or non colours.
I’m talking white, cream, grey and neutral.  They all love each other.
Mix up the fabrics: cotton, knits, linen and wool.  That’s what gives it an interesting, fashion edge.
In terms of shoes?
Go with the white sneakers. Mais oui.
But calmez vous: your favourite black or brown boots and flats work just as well.
Do a bit of a half tuck with your oversized sweater.

NB: Run away like maniac in manolos from small children, puppies and blueberries. #yikes.

Your shopping list :
SABA coat, David Lawrence Knit, SeedHeritage pants,  Converse sneakers.
DKNY sweater, J Crew chinos, Trenery brogues, Mansur Gavriel bag.
SeedHeritage coat, Uniqlo knit, J brand white jeans from Netaporter, Witchery sneakers.

SABA white zip coatdavid lawrence grey knitwitchery white baggy belt pantswhite converse general pants

dkny sweater netaporterj crew white high waist wide pantstrenery white lace up broguesmansur gaviel saddle bag taupe

seed heritage taupe belted trenchj brand white bf jeansuniqlo white knit sweaterwitchery white sneakers laceup silver

white streetstyle x1

white streetstyle x2

white streetstyle x3

white streetstyle x4



  1. Angela

    July 24, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    Hi Fifi, I’m asking for a friend…let’s just call her Anna…she tried on some white high sided canvas sneakers…her son said to take them off and not try to look like a teenager….what should she do?

    • FiFi

      July 24, 2015 at 10:49 pm

      Angela! I say wear what you love & ignore everyone else’s opinion ! Except George Clooney’s. If you feel great then that’s fab. BTW LOVE sneakers on any age ( not just for teenagers ! ) Lauren Hutton anyone ?! X

  2. Marian

    July 25, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    Fifi I bought my first pair of converse when you said to (way back when?) and now I have to buy another pair. I am 62 and travelled and dropped grandchildren to school etc. Just cant do without them now. Innes can wear them, then anyone with style can. Thanks for the tip Fifi. Any help with ideas for outfit to wear to Noosa. Friends son getting married. Will be on the beach and going to lunches and dinners. Help.

    • FiFi

      July 26, 2015 at 4:26 pm

      Thanks Marian ! that’s fabulous feedback : it doesn’t matter how old you are : jeans, converse and a white tee and blazer are always chic! In regards to Noosa: start with shoes first. and for beach /holiday dressing I think a wedge is always great. You get the height of a heel but you won’t look inappropriate or overdressed. ( plus of course the white converse ). Wedge espadrilles are the go ! Then I would suggest a dress for a wedding or a longer flirty A-line skirt. Go for black or navy with a beaded tee and long sleeveless vest .. For holday dressing I love the idea of slouchy chinos or wide white pants, tan sandals and a few slouchy grey t shirts. Toss in a white sweater, a denim shirt, a silk equipment shirt, a blazer, a couple of pairs of jeans and a denim skirt and you are done! Good luck ! Email me directly if you want more ! Fx

  3. Annie

    July 29, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Fifi I too took your advice and invested in a pair of white sneakers. I found a boot style converse with a clever concealed wedge that give give me the casual feel I want and they also give me a little height that I need! I balance them with a looser fitting top half. Do you have any additional advice on how or how not to wear wedge sneakers? By the way I’m 58 and in my opinion white sneakers are ageless ! Thank you for your weekly inspiration on how to look chic! Annie

    • FiFi

      July 29, 2015 at 5:09 pm

      Thanks Annie for the lovely feedback ! It’s good to hear that everyone loves white sneakers whatever age ! I agree the platform/wedge sneaker is great to add height but still feel casual . I think it’s best to wear wedge sneakers with pants , whether skinny jeans or leather leggins. Add a slouchy sweater in winter and it’s chic. I think skirts and dresses can get tricky with these sneakers especially in white because of the pantyhose/tights/leg coverage situation.
      In answer to an alternative to sneakers I love wedge sandals ! The flatform ! It’s a flat wedge so you are not on tippy toes but again you get the height. The wedge flatform will be everywhere for summer …see here at
      I got some white wedge flatforms last summer and they are great. They work with skirts and dresses or try with a wider crop pants. Hope that helps !