How to get effortless French chic. #stylingtricks.

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Styling trick of the week?
We’re talking French Style.
Bien sur we’re talking effortless French style.
So how do they do it?
Take a look at our street style star Caroline Maigret below and you get the picture.
Now repetez apres moi !
The secrets to insouciant Parisienne style are..

  • Keep it simple.
  • Buy fewer pieces in better quality.
  • Invest in a tailored navy blazer.
  • Find jeans to fit you perfectly.
  • Pull on a stone trench and wear it every day.
  • Fall in love with white shirts, grey tees and anything stripe.
  • Buy them all in one size bigger.
  • Ignore prints.
  • Keep away from anything too ‘on trend’
  • Borrow from the boys.
  • Ditch all glitzy accessories.
  • Flee from bright colours.
  • Mix it up:  old with new, luxurious with cheap but chic.
  • Always have a great haircut, a quality handbag and the best shoes you can afford.
  • Never eat an entire croissant, mille feuille or all the pommes frites. #Maisoui.caroline maigret 2
    caroline maigret 3
    caroline maigret 4caroline maigret 1P.S This is repetez from The FiFi Report. Plus ca change plus cest la meme chose!