You need this. #Dailyface #sunscreen

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This is me on holidays on Kangaroo Island.
Well, actually that’s not entirely true.
The water is bluer on Kangaroo Island.
And you won’t ever see me in yellow.
Plus I try never to expose my face in so much sun.
If I can help it.
Why so?
Because I have discovered Sunsense Daily Face invisible tint.
Another supermodel friend of mine introduced me to this brilliant product and now it’s all I am tossing into the Missoni beach bag.
What’s to love?
It cleverly combines a moisturiser with seriously protective SPF 50+.
It’s a light, easy to slather on lotion with a lovely subtle sheer tint coverage so you don’t look completely naked on the beach.
Which you would naturally want to do. If you were Kate Upton.
$11.99 from Priceline 

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