The nail hardener that works: #youneedthis.

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Do you have tragic, weak, thin, brittle nails that continue to break off?
Do you want long, strong nails that you can tap on the counter as they wrap your shoulder bag at Prada?
Herôme Nail Hardener to the rescue!
You apply one single coat every day for 2 to 3 days. Then take off and repeat. For 2 weeks.
You will have strong, tough and longer nails in a matter of weeks.
Now I just apply one coat of Herôme Nail strong Hardener for 2 days and leave it on for the week.
It’s a miracle !
The Herome is slightly white so your fingernails look as if you have had a manicure.
But here’s my trick: I pour a little bit of white or cream nail polish lke Essie Allure into the Herome bottle so it’s looks much more of chic pale colour.
HINT: Don’t be tempted to paint a couple of coats of Herome on the same day at the same time. It is strong stuff!
The good news? It doesn’t compromise the health of your nails at all. (Which is what the gels can do).
Bring it on.
$24 Herôme Nail Hardener from major chemists, pharmacies and Priceline.

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