Miuccia Prada in T Magazine

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A fascinating interview with Miuccia Prada in T magazine

  • ‘[Our era’s obsession with youth] is much more of a drama for women, the business of ageing. No one wants to age, and I really think we should find a solution. Especially because we live so much longer”
  • “It used to be that a woman would have only one life, one husband, and if you were bored that was that. Now, you can have two or three lives. So even the concept of family is changing. I think this question of aging will define the society of the future.”
  • “Let’s say I’m not brave enough. I don’t have the courage”… when asked why not use older models sometimes.
  • “The job is to do something interesting with ideas and if it is copied I couldn’t care less”
  • “I am trying to work out which images of the female I want to analyze. I’m not really interested in clothes or style.”
  • ” By definition good taste is horrible taste.”
  • ” Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer. The investigation of ugliness is, to me, more interesting than the bourgeois idea of beauty. And why? Because ugly is human. It touches the bad and the dirty side of people.”
  • “You know in other fields of art it is common: in painting and in movies, it was so common to see ugliness. I was very much criticized for inventing the trashy and the ugly. “
  • “I only like antique jewelry because I like the stories attached to them. It’s the life of people that interests me. I like to look at these jewels and wonder if the woman was happy. For instance, I have a brooch: And I wonder who gave it to the woman? Was she a lucky woman? What does it mean?”
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